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K-5 Home Reading Journals 

Each customizable journal includes:
​* Unique, Bright, Kid-Friendly Hardcover Design Journal Pages
* A Table of Contents Page
* Strategy Boxes
* Color Cardstock Dividers
* Coil Binding
* Leatherette Backings

Customizable Options:
​* The Number of Reading Comprehension Worksheets
* Types of Reading Comprehension Worksheets to Match Curricular Goals
* Strategy Boxes to keep track of the reading comprehension strategies 

Upgrade Options:
* Add Tab Dividers
* Add Reading Level Goal Sheets
* Add Reading Logs

Types of Pages Designed by TASK to Success 
​* Blank Pages for Post-its Worksheets
* Line Worksheets
* T-Chart Worksheets
* Venn Diagram Worksheets
* Web Diagram Worksheets
* Main Idea and Supporting Detail Worksheets
* K-W-L Chart Worksheets
* Big Picture Box with Line Worksheets

​Don't see a reading comprehension worksheet that will fit your curricular goals? That's ok! We can design one for you!

The Build-a-Writer is a writing process organization system helps children participate in all the steps of the writing process from: brainstorming, rehearsal, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. There is a spot to keep all writing materials; and a place to keep completed, published work. The 3 sets of removable booklets allow children to take pages out of the removable booklets to revise and edit whenever they want.
The Complete Organization System Includes:
1 inch Binder
Clear Pouch for Supplies
Published Work Folder
6 Writing Process Tabs with Pockets
1 set of Removable Brainstorming Booklets
1 set of Removable Rehearsal Booklets
1 set of Removable Drafting Booklets
1 set of Publishing Booklets​

If you would like to order the removable booklets separately, you certainly can. You might need more copies of the removable booklets, because your child can't keep their pencil down. There creativity is coming out and they want to write more stories. Don't worry. You can order as manyremovable booklet sets you want.

Now Introducing: Reading Unit Journals

Build-a-Writers- BRAND NEW PRODUCT

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Just Right Book Cards

Custom School & Homeschool Reading Journals

For information please visit our sister company, STEP UP For Education, Inc.

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You can put the card in your wallet or purse and take it with you everywhere... the bookstore, public library, school library etc. This will always allow to check to make sure your child is choosing "Just Right" books. This card helps you check their fluency, decoding, and comprehension skills to determine if the book is too hard, too easy, or JUST RIGHT! The front of the card helps you keep track of the words your child miss as they are reading the book out loud. The back of the card has a list of comprehension questions to ask your child after they read to check to make sure they understand what they just read.

The Student Home Reading Journal helps your child practice their comprehension skills at home. With this journal your child can stop and write down their thinking as they read good books. "Writing about Reading" is an important skill your child will need to improve their reading comprehension skills. This journal explains how to use post-its, T-charts, Venn Diagrams, and Webs for your child to explain their thinking as they read. This journal is great for students in Kindergarten-5th Grade.

Kindergarten-1st Grade Journal Include:
Coil bound journal with clear cover and leather backing
2 brightly colored cardstock sheets labeled to provide easy access to pages
Blank for Post-its (80 pages)

Big Picture Box with Lines(80 pages)

2nd Grade-5th Grade Journals Include:

Coil bound journal with clear cover and leather backing

6 brightly colored cardstock sheets labeled to provide easy access to pages

Blank pages for Post-its (30 pages)

Line pages (30 pages)

T-Charts (20 pages)
Venn Diagrams (20 pages)
Web Diagrams (20 pages)
Main Idea Pages (20 pages)

KWL Charts (20 pages)
160 total journal pages
4 direction pages
200 post-its included