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Our ACT Prep online program has everything your child needs to feel confident and ready to take the ACT Prep test. Includes test-taking strategies, time management skills, academic skills through personalized instruction, and practice questions & authentic exams.

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How the ACT Program Works 

Choose the subject(s) your child really wants a "GOOD" score in. 
Choose the best way your child will learn either 1-1 learning or small group learning. ‚Äč
Choose 1-3 LIVE strategy based lessons per week with STEP-BY-STEP examples and explanations from one of certified teachers or experienced tutors.
Your child completes a short version of the ACT Prep test that looks just like the real thing to target the exact skills they need to practice first. 
The ACT Prep online system has tons of academic lessons, passages, a progress tracker, interactive game center, and a nice set of practice questions that are EXACTLY like the actual test. Your child can access it anytime, anywhere. It includes a mobile app so you can practice on the go! We will assign Home Practice TASKS from the ACT Prep online system to make sure your child continues prepping for the exam during the week.
Yes, your child needs to know the material. But they also need to know how to pace themselves and know what to expect on the real thing. In our ACT Prep Academic Library, there are strategies & tips for test-taking, time management, and lowering stress & anxiety before taken the ACT Prep test.
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Your Investment into your child's future:

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We will do 1 ACT prep strategy lesson with your child for $39. Then if you join our program, the $39 will be deducted from your first month partnership fee. 

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