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Our ACT Prep online program has everything your child needs to feel confident and ready to take the ACT Prep test. Includes test-taking strategies, time management skills, academic skills through personalized instruction, and practice questions & authentic exams.

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Your child has narrowed their college choices down to their top schools, but they all have high expectations when it comes to ACT scores. Their score shouldn’t keep them from attending their dream college.

If needed, encourage your teen to stop wasting time worrying about whether or not they’ll make the cut. Instead, spend that time prepping for the exam! 

A higher score can make their dream school a reality.

By the end of this program, your teen will have:

Improved individual skill areas that need a boost

A structured, personalized lesson path customized to their needs, plus access to our ACT online learning portal to target and improve the skills and subjects that need the most work.

Feel confident and prepared on test day

Since we don't want stress & anxiety to hinder their performance, we will give your teen mental, physical, and organizational strategies to combat any fear they may be having before they take the ACT exam.

Strategies for Time Management & Pacing

The ACT is both a marathon AND sprint that you have to move through very quickly, we will show your teen how to work quickly and efficiently; so they can tackle the ACT without running out of time.

Test-taking strategies

Our test-taking strategies for the exam as a whole or each subject area (reading, writing, math, science) can help to improve your teens overall performance; which makes them feel confident and ready when the big day finally arrives.

Our ACT Prep program includes:

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Here's how it works:

Want to make sure your teen will be able to manage the pressure, lower his or her stress level, and raise those crucial test scores? We got you covered here at TASK to Success. 

Your Investment into your child's future:

Want to try it out first before you decide?

We will do 1 ACT prep strategy lesson with your child for $39. Then if you join our program, the $39 will be deducted from your first month partnership fee. 

Watch ACT Scores Go Up, and the Stress Come Down!

We want your teen to have the opportunity to pursue any hope or dream they have for their lives. We are ready to give your teen the skills and strategies they will need to feel confident and ready for the ACT exam.


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