For Students in PK-8th Grade

9-12 & College Math will offered in the future. Stay tuned!

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See a significant improvement in your child's math abilities across the board as we sharpen their math skills with our easy-to-follow, engaging teaching strategies that are FUN and interactive. With our support, your child will overcome the challenges of math; leaving them calm, confident, and exam ready.

Dear Parents & Guardians-

We are so happy you're here! If you and your child find math mindboggling, then you can count on us. We will be your guide to break things down as if your child is being exposed to math for the first time. Everything you need is here--- no boring or confusing lessons, no complicated strategies, there's no math skill or subject your child can't tackle. It's just you, and your child, and US learning together!
~ Desirée & Barbara McGee

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This is just a small list of math skills or subjects we can teach your child:


We bet you want to see your child:
* Writing their numbers so you can actually read it
* With no doubts, comfortable to tackle math problems on their own
* With no tears, no fuss when it comes to math homework and getting it done in minutes instead of hours
* Not struggling to learn their basic facts but blazing through them
* Problem solving on their own when they get stuck


* General Math
* Pre-Algebra
* Algebra 1
* Algebra 2
* Geometry
* Trigonometry
* Pre-Calculus
* Calculus
* ACT Prep

* Calculus 1-3
* Linear Algebra
* Probability & Statistics
* Differential Equations
* Optimization & Operations

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We have TWO Math Programs

Jelene, one of our high school parents, said:

​I could not be happier with Desiree and TASK to Success! She works with my daughter on geometry and the time has been very well worth it! Desiree is upbeat, builds rapport quickly, and sends follow up emails with everything worked on. My daughter feels comfortable and enjoys going to TASK to Success. Highly recommend to anyone looking for extra support outside of school. ​​

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Foundations Tutoring Pricing

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Homework & Test Support Pricing

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For elementary, we will do 1 math strategy lesson with your child for $42/HOUR. For secondary/adults, we will do a lesson for $45/HOUR. Then if you join our tutoring program, the $42 or $45 will be deducted from your first month partnership fee.

Hi, I'm Desirée McGee-Greene and I'm the owner and instructional coach here at TASK to Success.

I can't wait to share with you about our tutoring programs and answer any questions you may have. I have a special video for you that will pop up in your browser after you complete the free consultation form to meet your tutor. Once you decide to join our program, I will work diligently with your tutor to design a customized plan that fits exactly what your child needs. Click the button below to schedule a time to meet your potential tutor. 

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